MaGIC in Vatnahalsen

This year’s edition of the Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquium (MaGIC) took place in Vatnahalsen in the mountains near Bergen in Norway. There is no access by car – the only access to is by Flåmsbanan, a picturesque train route in the mountains of Norway, leading down to Aurlandsfjorden–a branch of Norway’s largest fjord Sognefjorden.

As usual, the meeting offered a good blend of interesting talks, discussions, and outdoor activities (skiing, that is). As I’m not much of a skier myself, I got some additional time for discussions. However, Milo Viviani and I did go on a tour using snowshoes (the ones that look like tennis rackets). Quite an interesting experience. My own talk was on ‘Riemannian Imaging’, or, more precisely, the use of Riemannian gradient flows on Lie groups for shape matching and image registration. Some nice pictures from the meeting are available here.


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